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DOT5 HostingDOT5 Hosting Uptime
DOT5 Hosting Average Uptime 99.83%

Monitored Since December 29, 2005

Award Winning Web Hosting JUST $5.95/m

Dot5Hosting Overview
Dot5Hosting is a reseller of iPowerWeb and is a relatively new budget web hosting company offering affordable as well as quality shared web hosting services to its customers worldwide. They are relatively new on the shared web hosting scene, but with the passage of time they are gaining more and more popularity and their customer base is increasing exponentially.

Price and Features
They offer three main budget web hosting plans which can cater to the demands of a range of users from personal website owners to e-commerce online business users. All the budget web hosting plans of Dot5Hosting are backed up by a 30 days money back guarantee.

Popularity and Statistics

dot5hosting.com Traffic Statisticsdot5hosting.com Popularity

Dot5Hosting servers are based in California and are connected to the Internet through fiber-optic links spanning more than 7 diverse backbones as well as providers of high eminence such as Time Warner, Sonet and Cogent.

Dot5Hosting servers have a connectivity of 7.2 Gigabits because they utilize AT&T Local Services ring which is the backbone of a redundant and diverse network capacity. Multiple AT&T IP backbone nodes are linked to IDC through dual access routers via dual OC-48/OC-192 redundant links. Their data centers are equipped with highly sophisticated systems such as high power UPS generators, closed circuit monitoring, electrical backups, and redundant air-conditioning systems.

Dot5Hosting Control Panel
The Dot5Hosting control panel is your one-stop guide to efficient website management and is also jampacked with website marketing tools that can give their customers a clear-cut edge over their competitors by driving highly targeted traffic to their websites. The website promotion section also includes free search engine submission for up to 40 engines, $50 worth of free advertising in Overture as well as a ranking check for the top search engines.

Customer Support
Dot5Hosting has a dedicated and professional support team to address the sales queries of its potential customers as well as the technical queries of its existing customers. They operate on the principle that if they don’t care for their customers, then someone else will meaning that their customers will switch to other shared web hosting services if they are not satisfied with them.

Customer Growth

DOT5 Hosting Hosted Domains

This chart shows how many new domain customers per day DOT5 Hosting is getting through new domain registrations and domain transfers.

They are able to provide shared web hosting solutions with the maximum possible speed and reliability. It’s definitely a smart web hosting option giving you the same features at a much lower price.

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