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Multi-level search engine optimization is a framework, methodology and strategy devised by SEO Expert to plan, build and optimize websites irrespective of industry and channels. The benefit of multi-level search engine optimization strategy is that it allows you to capture all potential customers at different stages of their buying process. It encompasses local and global markets.
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Multi-level SEO strategy guides your campaign to assume that different customers will have different motivations and express those motivations with various keyword combinations. It predicts scenarios based on robust keyword research data and strategically positions your website for maximized customer flow through search engines.

Global Search

Capture users who search with keywords that indicate interest in specific products, services or information. Most competitive market.

Local Search

Get customers who want to find products or services in local cities or towns.

Provincial or State Search

Attain customers who want to find products or services in specific Canadian provinces or American states.

Product Search

Gain users interested in specific products searching with keywords that describe those products. Examples: “nike shoes”, “sony laptop”.

Branding Through Search

For advanced marketers and large, brand conscious organizations, try brand recall solutions that position your website on search engines throughout buying cycle of prospective customers.

Having optimized complex, portal-level websites, Our SEO experts gained needed expertise to deliver the yield you’re after. Be it a static 5 page site, flash, retail shopping cart or content management system, we have the needed experience to drive you to success, without the guesswork. Contact us right now and gain visibility across Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines.
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