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iPowerWeb Web HostingiPowerWeb Uptime
iPowerWeb Average Uptime 99.81%
Monitored Since December 29, 2005

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iPowerWeb Overview
Ipowerweb started in late 2001. Even though they are not as old as many of the other web hosting companies we have reviewed, they have grew to become one of the largest web hosting companies on the internet today. They now have over 220,000 web hosting clients. Their simplicity of their offerings and huge advertising campaigns throughout the internet helped sparked this convention. However, along the way, they experience some growing pains in customer service, but light years in hosting technology with their revolutionary Vdeck control panel software.

Price and Features
Ipowerweb’s pricing structure offers users a great value. For only $7.95 a month, you receive a complete web-hosting package with 3000-megabyte storage space and 50 GB of web traffic. They do provide a number of good features, including MySQL, PHP and FrontPage support. In general, they provide all the goodies that are in the premium web hosting accounts – but at only $7.95 a month. Overall, $7.95 is a good price to pay for this type of package with live chat support. However, we didn’t like the fact that the toll-free support isn’t provided to the average user. For users who need asp, they now offer Windows web hosting for an additional $2 per month with free setup and 400 MB of space.

Popularity and Statistics

ipowerweb.com Traffic Statisticsipowerweb.com Popularity

Ipowerweb Reliability
In comparison to the rest of the web hosting companies, Ipowerweb’s servers seem to be above average. We had several web hosting accounts with Ipowerweb, and generally their server would always remain up. Throughout our year of testing their services, their server has been down only for a few hours. This isn’t acceptable, but it is great in comparison to the majority of web hosting companies … that is except for the web hosting companies ranking higher.

Ipowerweb Data Center
Ipowerweb’s data center is located in Santa Monica, California. They use SGI Origin 200 Servers. These are powerful servers that Ipowerweb uses to provide to its users. They also have less than one thousand users on each server; which is great because it ensures stability and less vulnerability to hackers. Furthermore, they have a total of three data centers all across the US including in California, Arizona, and New York. They also now have offices in Canada.

Ipowerweb Customer Support
Ipowerweb’s customer service has improved within the past few months. Whenever you called in the past, you would be put on hold for more over minutes. They would then possibly direct you to an answering service if you were on hold too long or if they were receiving other calls. With recent improvements, now you can usually get a hold of someone within five to ten minutes. Their phone number also becomes busy quite often during peak times of the day. Furthermore, when you are a new user with the system, they do not take orders over the phone. Instead, they require that you place the order online. If you actually do manage to get hold of the staff at Ipowerweb, their answers are normally sufficient. However, not all customer support representatives seemed properly trained. They claim to have over thirty five employees within the company.

Vdeck Control Panel
Ipowerweb used to use CPanel 5 for their customers. Their older customers are on this control panel. However, with over 230,000 clients it was no longer acceptable to use a third party control panel software and thus they decided to customize their own called Vdeck. Vdeck offers simplicity that other advanced control panel lacks. It also is more powerful and since Ipowerweb designed the own control panel they are now able to add features or fix bugs in an instant without contacting the developers of the software.

Customer Growth

iPowerWeb Hosted Domains

This chart shows how many new domain customers per day iPowerWeb is getting through new domain registrations and domain transfers.

In general, Ipowerweb is a competent web hosting company. Besides the fact that at times it can be difficult to get a hold of anyone at Ipowerweb, they have a high level of uptime and the most features of their hosting package are on par with those of their competitors. Ipowerweb is worth a shot if you are new to web hosting, because they offer potential web hosting consumers one of the best values out there.

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